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Canvas DX

Humanizing a Transformative Diagnostic Tool


The Ask

Getting any diagnosis is often the last step on one long journey for families, and the first step on a very different complex journey. Cognoa knew that when they developed CanvasDx, the first FDA-approved app-based tool designed to significantly expedite the diagnostic process for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This innovation held the potential to change the lives of families by providing earlier diagnoses and, consequently, earlier intervention opportunities. They turned to Faculty to provide their branding, messaging, launch campaign (branded & unbranded), and their launch videos. All of this needed to appeal to pediatricians, the crucial gatekeepers for prescribing and utilizing this tool while not alienating families who might be hesitant to trust an app-based diagnostic aid.

CanvasDx_BrandIdentity_ConceptFinalization_to Cognoa.jpg

We started with research and key finding that pediatricians are  mission-driven and deeply committed to the welfare of their patients and families. We knew the branding and marketing campaign for CanvasDx had to be designed to resonate with these core values.

  • Branding: CanvasDx and its sub-brands were given a decidedly non-medical look and feel, intentionally designed to appear more human and accessible. This strategic decision aimed to demystify the technology and make it feel like a natural extension of the pediatricians' care for their patients.


  • Campaign Messaging: The central theme of the campaign, "A clear path to know," was developed to highlight the primary benefit of CanvasDx – simplifying the complex diagnostic landscape for ASD. This message was crafted to appeal directly to pediatricians' desire to provide clear, decisive care and support to families navigating the challenges of ASD diagnosis.


  • Product Demonstration Videos: These were created to be simple, clear, and humanizing, further emphasizing the tool's role in facilitating a compassionate and efficient diagnostic process. By showcasing how CanvasDx works in a straightforward and relatable manner, the campaign aimed to alleviate any concerns about the tool's application and efficacy.




The launch campaign for CanvasDx successfully humanized this app-based diagnostic tool. By focusing on the shared mission between Cognoa and pediatricians – to serve and support families facing the uncertainties of ASD diagnosis – the campaign forged a strong connection with its target audience. The branding and messaging strategies not only aligned with pediatricians' values but also underscored the profound impact that CanvasDx could have on the diagnostic process, emphasizing its potential to bring clarity and hope to families.

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