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Augmenting Reality
With Storytelling


The Ask

People don’t want their work or location to limit their possibilities. Sightful aimed to revolutionize the way people work with the launch of "The Spacetop," an innovative augmented reality laptop designed to free users from the constraints of traditional workspaces. The key marketing message needed to highlight the product's ability to enable work from anywhere in the world, appealing particularly to the growing demographic of digital nomads. However, the company faced significant constraints, including a limited budget and a tight timeline for producing a launch video that could convey this message effectively.


The budget only allowed for a single day of shooting and a single location. Given these constraints, we knew that our story would have to do the majority of the work. Rather than try to explain the technical benefits of the Spacetop, we decided to let the key emotional benefit communicate the value of the device. We leveraged the "van life" trend, which resonated with the target audience's desire for freedom and mobility. A total rainout meant that we had to do a full background replacement.  


Spacetop_053023_1080_20Mbps (0-00-29-00).png


The launch video for The Spacetop became Sightful's most successful marketing effort to date, significantly exceeding expectations. It captured widespread attention from major media outlets, including Wired Magazine and The Verge, highlighting the product's innovation and the creative execution of the campaign. Feedback from the client underscored the video's effectiveness in conveying the product's unique value proposition with a concise and powerful narrative, demonstrating that compelling storytelling is vital in creating meaningful value and differentiation in the market.

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